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दिसंबर 13, 2012

The Bankster Book Book Review for blogadda

The story revolves around different places across the globe .giving the description of various places so apt and true to life. This book takes us from Angola to Cochin to Vienna to Mumbai. Each location introduces different stories with different characters weaving different plots altogether.
Connecting these stories and maneuvering with multiple scenarios with various characters spanning different continents playing simultaneously, the story makes for a good read. In the first few chapters you feel like lost in several small stories but as the story takes it pace, all pieces fall into place giving you a crystal-clear  picture of a nail-biting plot.
Being a banker himself, Ravi Subramaniam could weave the story well and people in such a manner that even a layman with no banking background would not find difficulty in understanding the story.
Through his story the author has also highlighted his knowledge, observation skill and his interest in world happenings, giving the tinge oI liked the way how India’s emerging culture which is exponentially rising into the corpf present times.
The story keeps moving back and forth between the events – how the protest came into being, how their planning and effort to rebuff the govt. stand half of the story, it un-envelopes it all, pacing steadily lifelessly.
The second half puts some spirit into the thriller when the murders portrayed as accidents begins to take place. The mind the starts working as a spy, goes on connecting the facts of the happened incidents, trying to unravel the plot. But after going into 3/4th of the book, an ex-banker or investigative reporter puts the story on a high-speed train, figuring out the motives and truth behind all the deaths at the bank. This part is like ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movies, the investigation goes on proving the hypothesis with evidence coming out from under the carpets. And finally, the truth is disclosed to everyone. Both the plots converge to present a big fraudulent scheme to stop commissioning of Nuclear Plant involving key position of the GB2 bank and blood diamonds. The story ends with the culprit embracing death  and the resulting repercussions of the truth.
Reading this novel, confirmed me that ‘Banking’ is a boring yet can be made interesting trade these kind of stories creating suspense and actually bring adventure in lives though keeping them at risk. Even to charge up the readers, the ex-banker was converted into a detective. It was this investigative character which made the book worth while reading. Anyways, the book was an overall great experience, while these kind of books always test the excellence of your grey cells. 

Ravi Subramanian is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, has spent two decades in the world of global banks in India. In 2008, he won the Golden Quill Readers Choice award for his debut novel, ‘If God was a Banker’ and is one of the bestselling authors of India.
Name: The Bankster
ISBN: 978-81-291-2048-9
Cost: Rs.250/-
Pages: 358
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